Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Research Symposium session #2

I attended the Research Symposium session number 2 at Livingston Student Center  LSC 201A. The first speaker was Peter Barnas , who did research on " It's Alright, I'm still Young: Addiction and Identity in Emerging Adulthood". He talked about the social patter of thinking these days, and also focused on addiction and drug abuse as a way of compensating for the stress. Moreover, he further talked about Primary and Secondary socialization, Primary being what we learn from our home/family and secondary being what we learn from outside ( a product of social interaction). He talked that nowadays people tend to marry at age of 25 to 27 which is 5 years in advance to what was the trend before because they don't take it serious. He also mentioned that people specially youngsters nowadays take drugs such as Xanax as relaxers. Peter was followed by Kendra Avinger, who did a superb job when talking about " U.S- Mexico Border Region's Community Outreach Program:Prevention of Neglected Infections of Poverty in Southern Texas by Means of Education". Kendra talked about the tropical diseases such as malaria and dengue which are present in U.S but are not well-known and not easily diagnosed by U.S doctors. She mentioned that doctors in U.S should be trained to diagnose and treat tropical diseases . She also proposed another solution, which was to have programs in Middle school to educate children and the school staff about the spread of these tropical diseases such as dengue fever. The last was Eno Totoh, who talked about "HFCS: How Fructose Controls Society". Totoh talked about the high prevalence of fructose corn syrup in our processed foods. She said the high fructose corn syrup is not good for health and can cause certain diseases such as Diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. So, she mentioned that the consumers should be conscious about buying products containing high fructose sugar, because it also contains mercury which is another harmful substance.


  1. Thanks for posting! I saw you there because I tried to come and see Barnas's talk -- but I was a tad late and it was standing room only! Quite a turn out. I think you may have been the only person from class who came -- the only one I saw anyway (I have to check the registration yet).

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